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So I’ve decided to add some new moves to my repertoire from YouTube, and in doing so was trying to figure out how best to watch a move enough to try and imitate it. Thinking that a lot of animated gifs exist, I went in search of a site that would allow me to convert some videos. was one of the first hits, and seems to do the job perfectly. And so begins the cool move project.

From Michael and Frida

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Steve is a web application developer by day, and a swing dancer by night. He occasionally dabbles in photography. Sometimes he tries to be funny.

28. March 2013 by Steve Johnstone
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  1. The gif is too small!! I can’t see what they are doing properly :-(
    (yes i know i could just watch the video but i’m too lazy!)

  2. Good point. I was hoping the gif would be full size but that site shrinks it a bit. I’ll see if I can find a better way of doing it.

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